Small Plates Menu

Amazing array of small plates perfect to share.

Small Plates Menu

Available From 11 AM To 3 PM and 5 PM To 9 PM

Garlic Baguette [V]  $11.00

With basil pesto, olive oil and balsamic dressing

Popcorn Chicken [GF]  $15.00

Marinated in ginger and soy with Japanese mayo

Chilli Chicken [GF]  $16.50

Marinated in ginger and soy and tossed through a sticky Asian chilli sauce

Polenta Fries [GF, V]  $12.00

Pumpkin, sage and parmesan polenta fries with aioli

Beef Bites  $15.50

Corn chip crumbed beef bites served with chipotle aioli

Sweet Chilli Prawns [GF]   $15.50

with cucumber ribbon, coriander, chilli & mango mousse

Lamb Kebab [GF]   $15.00

Carom spiced kebabs with mint yoghurt

Bulgogi [GF]   $14.00

Korean style smoked beef brisket on cos served with mung beans and kimchi

Calamari [GF]   $14.00

Five spiced calamari with caper aioli

Falafel [V] Ask for Vegan Option   $13.00

 chickpea & black bean falafel with mint labneh

Dumplings  $15.00

 Pork and chive dumplings with Szechuan dipping sauce

Chicken Wings [GF]   $15.50

Spicy buffalo chicken wings with toasted sesame seeds

Corn Fritters [GF, V]   $15.00

Habanero & coriander fritters with tomato salsa

BBQ Pork Ribs [GF]   $15.00

BBQ pork ribs with toasted sesame seeds

Sliders   $16.50

For 3 All the same or one of each

Korean Chicken—Pulled Beef—Falafel [V]

Platter   $65.00

Ham—popcorn chicken—NZ cheeses—olives—polenta fries—smoked salmon—falafel—breads & dips


GF – Gluten Friendly 

V – Vegetarian