Covid-19 Corona Virus Precautionary Measures

Posted: March 19, 2020Category: Uncategorized

Covid-19 Corona Virus Precautionary Measures

Covid-19 Coronavirus Update:

The Pedal Pusher, Rolleston staff pride ourselves in our Excellent Hygiene standards, however we have added extra measures to keep our customers and staff safe.

We have reconfigured the layout of few tables in the restaurant to allow extra space between our guests.

Salt, Pepper, Drinks Menus have been removed from tables and will be brought in after every customer and sanitized,
these are now kept behind the counter and delivered. Only the booking tables will be pre-set.

Door handles, phones, Pin pads and any surfaces hands touch throughout the day are getting constantly wiped with a disinfectant.

Toys have been removed from the kids area.

All staff members feeling unwell have been advised to STAY AWAY more so than usual

All our suppliers are out of hand sanitizers at the moment. We only have just for our staff at this stage. But we are in the process of making our own in case this situation extends even more.

Our staff are sanitizing hands before touching any plates and glassware and washing hands frequently.

Frequency on which we do full wipe downs in Kitchen has been upped.

Kitchen has very tight policies already so just general awareness has been increased around touching face, coughs etc.

Newspapers, Magazines and flyers have been removed from our common areas.

If you are bringing in your takeaway coffee cups, please make sure they are clean.

We encourage people to still come out and support us in this time, but only do so if you are healthy enough. If you are sick, we would highly suggest that you rest home.

Please note although we plan to continue as normal these extra steps take time so please be patient and we appreciate your understanding.

Also if you prefer we have most of our menu available takeaway check out the options here
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The Pedal Pusher Rolleston Team.