Beer Cans & Bottles

Check out our range of beer cans and bottles available for takeaway. Just follow the link below to order through our Facebook page.

Fortune Favours ‘The Wellingtonian’ IPA 330ml $4.00 Each

Designed to be light and aromatic with a minimal malt base packed with NZ hops.
Wai’iti (low alpha hop – more hop and less bitterness).
NZ grown Chinook hops (Punchy flavoursome hop).

6% ABV. 3.65 Untappd Rating

Fortune Favours ‘The Adventurer’ Pilsner 330ml $4.00 Each

For those seeking a refreshing pilsner, something more than mainstream but without getting too carried away. Perfect for a hot day on the deck. The Green Bullet hop has long been associated with one of the big boys iconic beers, this has meant it has been, mostly overlooked by craft brewers. Fortune Favours is hijacking the Green Bullet and giving you a fresh look at this hop and the greatness it holds.

5% ABV. 3.50 Untappd Rating.

Parrotdog ‘Yellowhammer’ Hazy Pale Ale 330ml $4.30 Each

Bright and lively like a parrot, but small and ubiquitous like a sparrow, the Yellowhammer adds a flash of colour and a musical chirp to open spaces all over the country. The way it does a lot with just a little inspires our smooth and refreshing hazy pale ale, streaked with the striking tropical notes of Strata hops.

4.8% ABV. 3.73 Untappd Rating.

Parrotdog ‘Bitterbitch’ IPA 330ml $4.30 Each

Our troublesome original release, named for the problematic first brew day which hugely emphasised its hop bitterness. It’s matured and evolved nicely over the years, with us. Big tropical hop flavour from local varieties with strong bitterness from an English hop to honour its origins, all balanced by plenty of malt.

5.8% ABV. 3.8 Untappd Rating. 70 IBU

Behemoth ‘Juice Banner’ Hazy IPA 330ml $5.00 Each

You wouldn’t like me when I’m not hoppy. That’s my secret Captain I’m always Hoppy. This hazy IPA is up for a Hop Smashing good time. Would we say that this beer will turn you into a enormous green hop monster? No. But this beer is the combination of brains and brawn (it takes some muscles to get all those hops into the fermenter!). We know you wouldn’t like us when we were not hoppy so Juice Banner is here to hop smash your taste buds with the juicy hop combo of loads of Citra, Ekuanot and Mosaic hops. Think a smashing combo for Mango, bright citrus, Papaya and a hint of melon. Hop Smash!

6.2% ABV. 3.92 Untappd Rating. 30 IBU

Baylands ‘Sky Surfer’ American Pale Ale 330ml $4.40 Each

Top 30 in the 2021 New World Beer & Cider Awards.  A beautifully balanced APA using US Mosaic & Cascade hops.

5.2% ABV. 3.63 Untappd Rating. 35 IBU

McLeod’s ‘802 #36’ Fresh Unfiltered IPA 440ml $10.99 Each

Fresh Unfiltered IPA continues McLeod’s ongoing series of hop centricity.  While Idaho 7 brings tangerine-like notes over dank tropical punctuation, Riwaka hops elevate the tone with passionfruit and green capsicum. Balanced with soft malts, the finish is moreish, resinous – dare we say oh-so smashable – making it a stand-out sibling in the 802 family.

6.8% ABV. 4.28 Untappd Rating.

Eddyline ‘Summer In The Citra NEIPA’ Hazy IPA 440ml $8.00 Each

Super drinkable IPA focused in hop aroma! Citra, NZ Motueka, Mosaic, & Simcoe hops create a citrusy-tropical flavour & aroma with minimal bitterness.

6.1% ABV. 3.79 Untappd Rating. 45 IBU.

Eddyline ‘Crank Yanker’ IPA 440ml $8.00 Each

Big, bold American hop flavours and balanced maltiness! This West Coast IPA is choke-full of U.S. El Dorado, Cascade, Centennial & Mosaic hops!

6.3% ABV. 3.80 Untappd Rating. 52 IBU

Eddyline ‘Pozzy’ Pale Ale 440ml $8.00 Each

Our classic NZ Pale Ale featuring local NZ Motueka & Riwaka hops with a pleasant maltiness.

4.5% ABV. 3.57 Untappd Rating. 27 IBU.

Eddyline ‘Roaring 40's’ Porter 440ml $8.00 Each

Massive chocolate and caramel malt character balanced with El Dorado hops give it a balance of pine and tropical notes.

6.3% ABV. 3.73 Untappd Rating.

Tennent’s Scottish Lager 500ml
1 For $3.50
2 For $6.00

Inspired by pilsner-style beers, Hugh Tennent embarked on a challenge in 1885 – to produce a delicious, 100% Scottish lager that rivalled that of the amazing flavours he experienced in Bavaria.

4% ABV. 3.08 Untappd Rating.

Tiger ‘Crystal’ Lager 330ml
$2.50 Per Bottle
$19.00 - 12 Pack

Tiger Crystal, a crystal-cold filtered brew that’s been going great guns with beer drinkers around the world. Housed in crystal-clear flint glass to better showcase its clarity, Tiger Crystal is brewed with a pale lager malt and a unique combination of hops, and has a fruity aroma and delicate flavour. This easy-drinking pale lager is beautifully balanced with low bitterness, a slight sweetness and a refreshing finish.

4.5% ABV. 2.73 Untappd Rating.

Rekorderlig Strawberry Lime Cider 500ml $6.50 Each

Made from the purest Swedish spring water, this is a unique flavour combination. Serve over ice with mint leaves or strawberries and a wedge of lime for a fresh, zesty experience.

4% ABV 3.71 Untappd Rating

Rekorderlig Passionfruit Lime Cider 500ml $6.50 Each

Rekorderlig premium passionfruit-lime combines a burst of tangy lime with sweet, tropical passion fruit. Enjoy this contemporary swedish-style cider chilled over ice with a squeeze of fresh lime.

4% ABV. 3.68 Untappd Rating.