Coffee And Others

Grab amazing Atomic coffee beans for your machine at home and some other products.

Atomic Coffee Beans 'Veloce' Blend
250gm $13.00
1KG $48.00

Veloce is Atomic’s flagship blend – a rich, sweet and complex espresso that pours like velvet.  Roasted delicately so notes of bittersweet chocolate, cinnamon spice and ripe stone fruit cut through. Delicious with or without milk, it’s true espresso – the aficionados’ choice.

Farmland Streaky Bacon 1Kg Pack $22.00

Premium European streaky bacon – super tasty and crispy bacon.

Anchor 'Standard Milk Blue Top'
2L Bottle $4.80

Anchor blue milk has a delicious, full-bodied taste and it’s packed with natural goodness which is important for supporting your health. As a good source of calcium, anchor blue milk helps build strong bones, while its protein maintains muscle and vitamin b2 supports energy levels. When consumed as part of a healthy eating plan.