Tap Beer Fillery

Check out our range of tap beers available for your beer fills. 1L glass bottles available for $3.20 each. Just follow the link below to order through our Facebook page.

Heineken Silver Low Carb Lager $15.00 Per Litre - Feature Beer

Heineken Silver Beer Lager Low Carb

99% Carb Free. Smooth and Refreshing. Less Bitter. Made with 100% Natural Ingredients

This extra refreshing lager is brewed at a chilled -1°C, resulting in a less bitter taste and a crisp, smooth and subtle finish making it the perfect choice for sipping at concerts, sporting events, or any occasion where friends gather to enjoy all of life’s flavour.

4.00% ABV  . 9 IBU .  2.82 Untappd Rating

Kihi Pink Cider $15.00 Per Litre

This delish cider is loaded with crisp green apples and just a splash of tart blueberry juice lending a pinkish hue that is as radiant as a sun-kissed summer’s day. Fruity and easy-drinking with a light dry finish, this is a cider made to celebrate the good times with friends and whanau.

5.00% ABV . 3.56 Untappd Rating

McLeod's ‘Classic German’ Pilsener $15.00 Per Litre

Oktoberfest is a perennial inspiration & gives us a chance to flex our brewing muscles to bring you the best German-style lager we can. This year, it’s a traditional Pilsner with German malts, hops & yeast, adhering to Reinheitsgebot purity laws. The result is a proper lager, fermented cold & conditioned for several weeks. A hint of biscuit-like malts & a dash of herbal evergreen hop aroma leads to assertive bitterness for one hell of a crisp, refreshing beer. Prost!

5.40% ABV . 3.89 Untappd Rating

Black Dog ‘Chomp’ NZ Pale Ale $13.00 Per Litre

It’s got a bit more in it, made to test your mettle & give you a bite. Stand up to me, drink me, snarl back at me. Made with Pacifica & Motueka hops combined with ale yeast to make grownups drool.

3.41 Untappd Rating

Tuatara Hazy Pale Ale $15.00 Per Litre

A refreshing combination of mango and pineapple with a generous dose of citrus. Light bodied with honey malt undertones.

5.50% ABV . 27 IBU . 3.72 Untappd Rating

Monteith’s ‘Crushed’ Apple Cider $12.50 Per Litre

A refreshing and easy drinking dry-style cider, made from 100% freshly crushed New Zealand apples. Serve over ice for the ultimate refreshment hit.

3.33 Untappd Rating

Export ’33’ Low Carb Lager $10.00 Per Litre

Naturally brewed for 33% longer to remove all the carbohydrates you don’t want and keep all the flavour you do.A refreshingly lively lager with hints of tropical, fruit like notes and a mild bitterness.

 2.65 Untappd Rating

Monteith’s ‘Golden’ Lager $10.00 Per Litre

A golden malty lager with mellow hop characters and cashew nut smoothness.

3.15 Untappd Rating

Tiger $12.50 Per Litre

Brewed in Singapore since 1932, Tiger Beer is a full-flavored, pilsner-style golden lager with a slightly sweet note and an amazingly clean finish. 2010 World Beer Cup Gold Medal (international style lager).

18 IBU. 2.94 Untappd Rating

Monteith’s ‘Wayfarer’ Pilsner $10.00 Per Litre

Monteith’s Wayfarer Pilsner is a golden straw coloured crisp New Zealand Pilsner with thick hop bitterness and a smooth malty character. Motueka hops give the brew a wonderful aroma and contribute to a pleasantly crisp finish in the body.

3.29 Untappd Rating

Monteith’s ‘Original’ Ale $10.00 Per Litre

Monteith’s ‘Original’ Ale $10.00 Per Litre

A full and rounded Pale Ale with notes of caramels, burnt sugars and a hint of blackberry. Brewed to the same family recipe from 1868.

 3.17 Untappd Rating

Upcoming Beers

Double Vision 'Repeat Offender' Pilsner $15.00 Per Litre

With the wind in your hair, the thrill of the chase, enjoy the crisp satisfaction of your favourite pilsner as you belly up to the bar. The reward for your escape from boring beer is to taste the free spirit of Repeat Offender, the legend of Miramar, whose howls and laughter you can hear from the top of the bike trails to the bottom of each glass. Don’t give yourself up without one!
Flavours: A traditional Pilsner Malt base and Yeast with the dynamic Aotearoa hop duo of Nelson Sav and Rakau.

5.10% ABV . 33 IBU . 3.53 Untappd Rating

Parrotdog 'Bitterbitch' IPA $15.00 Per Litre

Our troublesome original release, named for the problematic first brew day which hugely emphasised its hop bitterness. It’s matured and evolved nicely over the years, with us. Big tropical hop flavour from local varieties with strong bitterness from an English hop to honour its origins, all balanced by plenty of malt.

5.80% ABV . 70 IBU . 3.79 Untappd Rating